Talks and presentations

My seminars and presentations:
  1. R. Chandra, "Tackling climate change problems with machine learning", EarthByte Seminar Series, The University of Sydney, July 2017. View on Youtube
  2. R. Chandra, "Competitive neuro-evolution and applications", University of the South Pacific, 2015. View on Youtube
  1. D. Muller, S. Cripps, R. Chandra, "USyd EarthByte Group and Centre for Translational Data Science", WebsEdgeEducation - American Geophysical Union (AGU) View on Youtube
  2. R. Chandra, "Meri Kahani", Fiji One TV, November 2015 (in Fiji Hindi) View on Youtube
Other seminars and presentations related to my research:
  1. Prof. Dietmar Muller, "The world builders: Creating and experimental planet", View on Youtube
  2. Lauren Harrington, "Modelling the evolution of the Eromanga Sea in the context of tectonics, geodynamics and surface processes", View on Youtube
  3. Jodie Pall, "BayesReef: A Bayesian Inference Framework for Numerical Modelling Coral Growth Response to Environmental Change", View on Youtube